We are specialists in hosting boxing events and live-experiences. Due to the high demand of combat sports, our innovation of connecting the general masses with the beautiful sport of boxing has proven to be a huge draw amongst businesses, individuals and even celebrities.


With many years of experience in boxing promoting, we have been fortunate to work with national charities in fundraising efforts for various causes. We have also hosted corporate boxing events where local businesses agree to take part in a free 10-week boxing camp leading up to fight night where they showcase their new skills in front of hundreds of people whilst raising money for a desired charity.


Professional training, promo videos, fight-attire and high quality production are all provided to deliver the ultimate boxing experience!


Our team of event managers and boxing coaches work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide you with the fullest experience… whether you are a beginner boxer stepping in to the ring for the first time or a spectator at one of our glamorous black-tie boxing shows, we are committed to provide you with a night to remember!




Boxing is a proven method for corporate well-being. There is no other sport which stimulates the body and mind, leading to enhanced physical and mental welfare.

Are you a company who values corporate well-being and community cohesion? If so, then taking part in our FREE 10 week boxing camp leading to a glamorous showcase event is the way forward for you and your company!

Are you fed up of the same boring 10K charity runs? Do you have a rival company who you would like to step into the ring with? Then challenge yourself physically and mentally by stepping into the boxing ring!

If your company would like to take part and raise money for a chosen charity, please contact us.

We will provide a free boxing camp (worth £400) and all promotional material to help your nominated boxer perform to the fullest and receive the ultimate boxing experience!


Telephone: +44(0)800 689 3293

Email: info@intheringevents.co.uk